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Video Communications is an industry leader for school bus safety training programs. Producing training and educational programs has been a passion for our company since its inception in 1990. That same passion and dedication continues today. Each video that we produce is meticulously researched to provide our customers with quality, content-driven training material. We also believe in providing our customers with several options to obtain training programs at reasonable costs by offering several discount options.

The use of safety training programs is evolving. Transportation departments nationwide see the rational for the use of online training. Don't worry, we got you covered there too! In addition to DVD safety training programs, we offer online subscriptions services and even online courses.


Sexual Harassment

Driving Fundamentals

Post Accident Procedures

Special Ed-Bus Monitors

CDL Training Guide


Everyday Hazards for School Bus Drivers

Dealing and Communicating w/ Parents

Transporting Students with Emotional Disabilities