If you have already registered with Video Communications and have lost or forgotten your password, you simply would click on Lost Password to get a new one. All you will have to enter is the email address that you signed up with. You will then get an email to change your password and log back in.

How to access videos and reference guides from the USB Drive


1) The USB will appear as ‘Training’ when plugged into your computer. Open the drive to access the files.

2) An option will pop up to view on a P.C. or MAC computer. Simply double click on the type of computer you are viewing on.

3) Select the video or reference guide you want to start viewing by double clicking on the name of it. Or select it and click on ‘open’. ALLOW AT LEAST 30 SECONDS (May be up to a minute on a Mac Computer) for the video to load and play. Tip: Once the list of videos is displayed you can sort by name, type of file and more by navigating to the window toolbar. In addition, reference guides can be printed out straight from the thumb drive.

**Be sure to eject the driver before physically pulling it out of the USB port. Right click on drive and click eject on a pc. Move to trash to eject on a Mac.


Troubleshooting Tips

1) If video not opening, try shutting down firewall or antivirus. You can even try turning off the wi-fi.

2) DO NOT try to select a video and open it with a built in video player (ie: Windows Media Player, Quicktime, VLC, etc.) The video player is built into the thumb-drive. (PC or MAC viewer)

3) Make sure that default video player is turned OFF in settings.

4) When all else fails, unplug the USB, turn off then on computer and attempt again.

5) If PDF reference guide files are not opening, you will need to download Adobe Reader.

We understand that times have changed and that most video formats are now digital. Video Communications no longer offers VHS programs. However, if you have purchased VHS programs from us in the past, we give a discount to exchange them. This shows our commitment to our customers to continue their training with our programs at a discounted rate. Call us to get more discounted exchange information.

Video Communications produces all of our own videos. This guarantees high quality, relevant and timely videos.

Video Communications holds a copyright on all the videos in this web site. We do not allow the copying of any of our videos. We will work with you and afford price breaks, should you need multiple copies of our videos.

However, the video must be returned within 30 days from the time you received the video. all of our safety training programs come with a 30 day money back guarantee as long as the video is returned withing that time frame.

There are no charges for previewing any of our full length safety training videos. However, we would like you to return the videos at your cost, if you decide not to purchase them. Simply call in and provide us with the desired programs to be previewed and we will send them out on a “Free Preview” basis.