Video Communications can supply supplemental training programs as outlined in MAP-21 training curriculum. Although we supply that and much more information on this page, we are not associated with MAP-21 Training Provider Registry or the Safety Management System.

What is MAP-21?

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), includes new transportation regulations that will impact training requirements for school bus drivers as soon as this year. The changes are designed to standardize training and help school districts comply with federal laws that will make students and staff safer while on the road. The deadline to comply with MAP-21 regulations is Feb. 7, 2022.

How does MAP-21 tie into school bus training?

MAP-21 requirements will apply to all ENTRY LEVEL drivers who must have a Class A or Class B commercial driver’s license (CDL). Most school bus drivers require a Class B CDL to operate a school vehicle. States can require additional training, but they cannot require less than MAP-21’s minimum criteria.

There are 3 areas of impact to school bus training:

Entry-level Driver Training (ELDT) The ELDT sets general training guidelines, it is intended to standardize topics at a national level to improve safe outcomes. ELDT sets the baseline for training criteria for Class A and B CDL license holders. Changes do not apply to existing drivers. Any current driver not changing their license or endorsement and who has been trained before Feb. 7, 2022 will be grandfathered in and will not have to comply with MAP-21 training requirements. The school bus endorsement training curriculum is based on several units of behind the wheel training and more. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEOS THAT CAN BE APPLIED TO SUPPLEMENT THESE TRAINING GUIDELINES

Training Provider Registry (TPR) The TPR is an electronic compliance notification system. Each training location will be required to comply with the system and will be given a specific location training identification number. The TPR provides a record for the FMCSA that minimum training has been achieved and identifies the certifying location through the training ID number. Each driver trainer is not required to register. A training location is required to register. Click here to download the PDF Certification

Safety Management System (SMS) The SMS is the new safety regulatory framework that will focus on organization-wide safety policies at training locations. The idea is to control risk better, detect problems earlier, and help analyze safety data more efficiently by identifying the hazards at a location. Training providers have to have a file documenting their safety management system and the actions taken to mitigate those hazards.