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Map 21

As of February 7th 2020 ALL ENTRY LEVEL drivers must be trained on several school bus topics that may not have been previously required to receive a CDL license. This is across the board, to standardize safety training for the country as a WHOLE. The purpose of this is to....

  • Raise the bar to enter the industry
  • Hold drivers to the highest safety standards
  • Remove the highest risk drivers and vehicles from the operation
  • This does not necessarily mean that drivers will need to perform ALL of the topics in public road training, however, they will need to understand the required topics in order to pass the knowledge test.

    Below, we have listed several safety training programs that can be applied toward MAP 21 training topics.

Night Operation

Hazard Perception

Accident Procedures

Pre & Post Trip Inspections

Emergency Exit and Evacuation

Backing Up Procedures

Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing

Vehicle Controls

Safe Driver Behavior

Extreme Driving Conditions: Snow and Ice

Extreme Driving Conditions: Rain Storms

Passenger Management