Orientation and Awareness – School Bus Training Package


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This package is a must have for your safety training library. This Pre made package goes over the MANY roles and responsibilities that school bus drivers must adhere to. With an introductory look into bus driving, these programs focus on safety content and the laws that coincide with them. We also cover the basics of understanding loading zones and much more.

The videos included in this pre made package are listed below.

You can click on each title to get more information about each individual program and view a short clip online.

• Defensive Driving Skills for School Bus Drivers

• Roles and Responsibilities for School Bus Drivers

• Drug and Alcohol Awareness for School Bus Drivers

• How to Reduce Idling on the School Bus

• Securing the Bus Yard: Security Begins with You

• Loading Zones: A Split Second Around the School Bus

If purchased, you will get downloadable reference guides that accompany each training program.

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