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 Build Your Own Package

(Year round discounts on DVD or USB)

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Number of videos purchased Savings that you will receive
1 10% off
2 10% off
3 35% off
4 40% off
5 43% off
6 45% off
7 47% off
8 48% off
9 50% off
10 50% off
11 51% off
12 54% off
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16 54% off
17 54% off
18 54% off
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20 56% off

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  Safety Training Library 

(Also available on a copy secure thumb drive)



(Includes our 3 latest videos)

Our top selling safety training library offers a diverse collection of safety programs. With 5 categories and 50 safety training titles to choose from, this is the perfect item to have. When you order the DVD training library you will have the convenience of having them all in one place. The DVD’s are placed in a sturdy binder for safekeeping and training on the go! The safety training library is also available to be placed on a copy secure thumb-drive.


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  Online Subscription Service

Dollar for dollar, the BEST budget beating deal.

Our online subscription service gives you access to over 60 safety training programs. Anywhere there is internet access, you can access videos online. This is a perfect tool for trainers to have at their fingertips. The service can be used from 3 different IP addresses. This means you can use it from a variety of electronic devices. You can even hook it up to a big screen for larger audiences. With one yearly payment, you can have access to ALL of our videos! In addition, when you sign up for our online subscription, you will be the first to see our newest videos upon completion!